Contribute & Donate

For Kindness Farm to have the greatest impact possible and flourish for all of us, it humbly but proudly requires a community of kind individuals and businesses coming together and giving what they can to make the farm come to life and move the world in a kind, sustainable direction.

In the Kindness Model, we believe that true giving does not require sacrifice. True giving nourishes and invigorates us right back, making our giving and receiving flow in a continuous, harmonious cycle.

There are 4 ways to contribute:

  1. Monetary contribution
    Financial support for Kindness Farm.
  2. Resource contribution
    Includes anything from seeds, organic compost, mulch, vegetable starts, flower starts, fruit trees, irrigation materials, and more.
  3. Time / skill contribution
    Spend time growing yourself while tending to our beautiful farm in a multitude of ways! (Covid-safe!)
  4. Connection contribution
    Spread the word about Kindness Farm far and wide.

All four can be either one-time contributions, or on-going ones.

Kindness is the natural instinct in all of us to take care of each other, and our planet; which we believe is distorted by a world that forces us to choose our own survival over helping others.

We can change that. But we can only do it together. There are different ways each of us can contribute. Whether your gift is financial, material, of time, or of connection, every drop in the bucket counts and every single one MATTERS and makes a difference. 

Only together we can form strong, unbreakable connections that heal this world, each other, and ourselves.