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Thank you so much for your purchase! We will let you know as soon as your order is ready for delivery or pick up. Not only did you just acquire some gorgeous, mature blueberry bushes, all proceeds go directly to support our nonprofit, Kindness Farm.

Kindness Farm is a nonprofit in Portland, Oregon 🌿 that:

🌞 Grows nutrient-dense fruits & vegetables for homeless & low-income families that don’t have access to freshly-harvested, vibrant foods.

🌿Teaches regenerative gardening practices that nourish the Earth 

🌻Conserves land & cultivates a thriving food-web eco-system

🙏Supports community activism on behalf of the food insecure

Kindness is the natural instinct in all of us to take care of each other, and our planet; which we believe is distorted by a world that forces us to choose our own survival over helping others.

We can change that. But we can only do it together. There are different ways each of us can contribute. Whether your gift is financial, material, of time, or of connection, every drop in the bucket counts and every single one MATTERS and makes a difference. 

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